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21.12.2007 г.
Document Designer Advanced


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Document Designer Advanced 

Océ Document Designer Advanced is a single environment, all-in-one software for structured variable and fixed data processing, layout creation, structured data output and high-speed printing.
It offers competitive performance features such as creation of print and electronic applications using dynamic table generation, intelligent page flow and page composition with full colour graphic capability, workflow based high level automation and processing of information and document output, including OMR control and multiplatform support. Océ Document Designer Advanced consists of only one application constituting unified, yet customisable interface for all the operations user wants to perform. 
Main features 
Main functions 
  • Only one application, wizards for creating the complete workflow
  • Multiple modules in form of sheets within the application
  • Easy creation of very complex printing jobs
  • Built-in resource management
WYSIWYG Layouting and Proofing 
  • Synoptic interface similar to standard DTP tools
  • User profiles, languages switching
  • Layout verification, Live proofing
  • Large barcode library
  • Variables, constants, variable bitmaps, elements
  • Scripting, variable page selection, flowing page to page
  • Text styles, paragraph styles, border and filling styles, text outlines, kerning, baseline shift
  • Object rotation in any angle, objects Z-order, objects grouping, 2D objects transformations
  • Device independence, support of TrueType (and collections), Type 1, OpenType and Windows FNT fonts
Structured Data Processing 
  • Readable structure for use and editing
  • Data (merged from multiple sources) drive the production
  • Conditional processing, large range of functions
  • Support for CSV, Structured CSV, Flat, Structured Flat, Structured Variable Length, files connected via ODBC interface and XML files
Full Colour Support 
  • Colour management, Colour matching, ICC profiles, Gamut check,
  • PostScript Colour Management
  • Production manager interface, simultaneous jobs printing

Output Concept

  • Wide range of output formats
  • The complete user interface is integrated into a single application
  • Graphic icons for simple definition of the entire document workflow
  • Various optional modules
  • Integrated resource management
  • Data-driven production
  • Based on structured data
  • Visual presentation of data structure with drag-and-drop functions for defining layouts
  • Variables, tables, constants, variable images
  • QuarkXpress and RTF import
  • Integrated layout checker
  • Variable page selection with page-flow functionality
  • Additional script feature
  • Definition of various styles such as text, paragraph, box and fill areas, font outlines, kerning, baseline shift
  • Object rotation to any angle
  • Foreground and background placement of objects
  • Grouping function for objects
  • 2-D object transformation, e.g. mirror imaging
  • Elements
  • Device and printer independent
  • Integrated preview with real data and proof print 
  • Support for TrueType, OpenType, Adobe Type 1, CFF, CID; import facility for bitmap fonts (FON; PCF).
  • Double-byte support
Colour support 
  • CustomTone support
  • Full-colour support (RGB, CMYK, LAB and others)
  • Design in colour
  • Colour management
  • ICC (International Colour Consortium) Profile (cross-platform industry standard that provides accurate and unified characterisation of scanners, monitors and printers)
  • Gamut check
Image formats: 
  • BMP Windows Bitmap File format
  • PNG Partable Network Graphics file (interlaced / not interlaced)
  • JPEG interlaced / not interlaced, quality setting
  • TIFF Tagged Image File Format
  • CXRI Chimenix Raster Images (internal format)
  • PCX Zsoft Paintbrush Bitmap files
  • Targa Truevision Targa Image files
  • PDF Portable Document Format files
  • EPS Encapsulated PostScript files
Designer Advanced Suite 
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values) and structured CSV files (with user-definable field and line separator characters, text qualifiers and text coding)
  • Flat or Structured Flat files (with user-definable line separators and text coding)
  • DBF files (deleted records can also be read; definable text coding)
  • SQL/ODBC interface













































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